Útilapu Books is a unique guidebook series created and illustrated by Zsófi Másik. An architect by profession and a freelance illustrator, Zsófi believes that learning can be fun. She came up with the idea of inventing a guidebook series for young people that turns traditional sightseeing into a real adventure. Instead of an ordinary guidebook she made an exciting gamebook for Szentendre, the first location in the series. The concept is based on the legendary Fighting Fantasy books: It’s a guidebook without a map, where instead of following a set tourist route or going page by page, you, the Adventurer are guided by fortune, intuition and quick decisions. Meanwhile, you get to know the town’s history, architectural heritage and famous citizens.

The Szentendre Gamebook is now available in Hungarian. The English version will hopefully be published soon...

Zsófia Lázár
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Lídia Horváth
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